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Help the Syrian refugees in all of Europe

Children that dream of peace



S.O.S. Syria


Remar S.O.S Plan, urgent aid following
the Ecuador earthquake


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Remar NGO and Messengers of Peace,
come hell or high water in Greece


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From 2 to 4 of September, the XXVII Remar International Congress with the theme "HOLY FIRE" will be held in...
A group of artists from Malaga have traveled to the refugee camps in Greece. Their intention is to brighten the...
Remar's work in Paraguay continues to grow and therefore the work increases and the demand to create new facilities, homes...
The NGO Remar Peru has received an official award in recognition of its excellent work in helping the needy.
We need helping hands, willing to go as volunteers to the refugee camps, from 1 to 15 of July.
Thalles Roberto will make a tour in Spain presenting his latest album in Spanish, entitled "Dios me ama" (God loves...
Hundreds of people are still homeless after the earthquake in Ecuador.
Don’t miss helping those in need with the trainers you no longer wear..

Help us feed the Syrian children


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Saved-lives stories of our residents

Hernan Brown

Tells us the story of his life, a life of drugs, theft and corruption.

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Heber Lauradrid

A difficult childhood overturns an entire life.

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Raul Decillo

Raul Cedillo teaches us that the happiness that the world offers is no the most important thing a person needs.

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