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.                        Help the Syrian refugees in Europe

.                        Children that dream of peace

.                        Bank account number (IBAN)
.                        ES75 0075 1244 1406 0005 8301


                              S.O.S. Syria




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Urgent Call: The storm destroys
refugee facilities in Malakasa


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Young people have the creativity and energy needed to tackle major problems such as hunger and underdevelopment, and they have...
  Guatemala is a country where over 80% of the population lives in poverty, and every day, due to the difference...
  The appearance of the AIDS syndrome in a generalised form amongst certain groups (drug addicts, homosexuals, etc.…) has opened up...
  The socio-economic situation to be found in the majority of the developing countries has multiple consequences, and this can be...
  Throughout 2013 REMAR has continued to provide comprehensive assistance to more than 5,000 children who are living in the 200...

Health Programs

  The programme is divided into two main areas. One of these involves going to hospitals and homes for the elderly...
  By providing nursing homes, we seek to remedy the situation of loneliness and neglect that many elderly people suffer from...

Care for Women

The principal objective is to help women to overcome crisis social situations and to then encourage their own personal development...

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Saved-lives stories of our residents

Hernan Brown

Tells us the story of his life, a life of drugs, theft and corruption.

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Heber Lauradrid

A difficult childhood overturns an entire life.

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Raul Decillo

Raul Cedillo teaches us that the happiness that the world offers is no the most important thing a person needs.

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