Agriculture and livestock

Remar's tent sponsored by Repsol   Remar's farm in Bolivia

Agriculture and animal farming

Many young people in Remar, particularly in Africa and South America, are taught how to cultivate crops. They are then able to put their experience into practice in new farms which are set up, thus multiplying the production for the supply of food to the centres.

Apprentices learn how to rear and farm animals. Once trained, they are able to teach others the skills they have acquired. In this way we are able to extend this essential work into different regions of the country.

Solar Tent Construction Project, financed by REPSOL YPF, in the Viacha region of the Bolivian province of Ingavi. This is a vocational training project for the Remar beneficiaries. They learn how to cultivate a wide range of vegetables that help to make the centres self-supporting.

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