Many different kinds of article are manufactured in the vocational training workshops, especially in the developing countries: wooden products such as beds, chairs, tables and benches; metal products such as doors, windows and fences; textile products such as clothing, tablecloths and bed linen; restored and re-upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs. The sale of these articles helps to generate income that is then invested in the expansion and opening of new workshops. Those apprentices who have already completed their training move on to becoming those who direct the new workshops and teach the new trainees who are integrated into our centres. In Third World countries like Ghana in Africa, the beneficiaries learn how to make their own bed, tables, chairs, etc. There are several different kinds of workshop, including carpentry, upholstery, mechanics, furniture restoration, office management and accounting, dressmaking, handicrafts, printing, metalwork and soldering.

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