How Remar works

REMAR maintains its doors open day and night in its commitment to helping the most needy, channelling human and economic resources in order to give hope and aspirations for the future to all those people who call at its doors with urgent need.



Those who come are fed, clothed, educated, and they are shown the care and attention they deserve. Time is dedicated to them, listening to their needs, and they are given professional training in work skills.

REMAR sets up development projects, detailed initiatives to finance its activities, which are especially dedicated to the rehabilitation and care of the needy. In this way, specific problems are solved and situations are improved. One of our most important tasks is that of training those who take part in these projects, so that they can continue with them, independently, when the phase of outside help comes to an end. With this aim in mind, we endeavour to recruit natives in the different countries where we are active, in order to prepare them and teach them so that they can form a part of this good work, especially since they are aware, first-hand, of the needs of their particular community.




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