Aims of the association

Objectives of the association

The Rehabilitation in general of Marginalised people, the socially displaced, delinquents who have come out of prison and have nowhere to go, people suffering from all kinds of addiction.



  • Rehabilitation of socially marginalized people in general, displaced persons, delinquents who have come out of prison and have nowhere to go, people with any kind of addiction.

  • Help for minors who have left home for serious reasons or because of abuse or mistreatment.
  • Help for women who are at risk, abandoned or mistreated.
  • Help for immigrants in their social integration.
  • The prevention of delinquency, care for those who are on the dole, unemployed or displaced and who, because of hunger, run the risk of falling into delinquency.
  • The teaching of work skills, so that people who at present can find no employment, due to a lack of training, can be given an apprenticeship in different professions, such as: agriculture, livestock farming, mechanics, plumbing, bricklaying, bakery work, languages, music, etc.
  • The holding of talks and the presentation of films in colleges and universities, of a cultural and informative nature, with the basic objective of providing accurate information concerning the problems of drugs, lack of social adaptation, the fight against racism, etc., endeavouring with this information to reach the spheres of the family, the schools, the workplace, and the social environment.
  • Assistance to the elderly and orphans, creating homes and providing care and affection to those who are unable to find help elsewhere.
  • Actions of an altruistic and socially orientated nature.
  • Cooperation in international development.


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