REMAR ONG goes out to the streets of Belize to distribute help and hope to the children.

REMAR S.O.S. has implemented all the usual emergency protocols in Argentina in the wake of the severe floods that have been ravaging the town Tucuman, Argentina these recent days.

REMAR ONG sends a container to Greece with donations of companies and entities for the REMAR S.O.S. REFUGEES program

The NGO REMAR has increased the shipment of containers of humanitarian aid to the rhythm of the needs that has grown of the most destitute in the world.

Thousands of homeless families and entire neighborhoods in the waters for weeks have occupied the dramatic setting of Huarmey, one of the places hardest hit by flooding in Peru.

The Spanish NGO REMAR activates its protocol of help of emergency REMAR S.O.S. In the Republic of Colombia before the seriousness of the avalanche that took place March 31 that has left more than three hundred dead.

The NGO REMAR activated its protocol S.O.S. In Colombia after the catastrophe and maintains its active presence in the region to help the victims.

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