Delivery of the recognition of Heroes of the Revolution in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Charitable Christian Association of Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Marginalized, Remar Bolivia, highlighting its valuable contribution to the help of hundreds of people.

A property of 5000 m 2 has become the home of children and adolescents and mothers who only seek a decent life.

"Open Hands," a project SOS developed by Remar NGO, whose aim is to assist families in need, through the donation of a basket of essential goods such as food.

Children who visited their mothers in the women's prison "El Horno" had a great day of the child advance, where they distributed toys, food, hygiene items and a great show, which was enjoyed by young and old alike.

REMAR maintains in the most depressed areas of the cities of many developing countries, social canteens, that you visit children and mothers to receive food daily.

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