"Many people wait for us and they leave very happy with their bag of bread" said by one of the volunteers of the NGO REMAR.

Our family in Remar La Libertad in El Salvador needs YOU, our family church, to gather and to raise funds for a new bus (for them)!

Remar India working with children, for the children are the most important part of our work!

Recently, the Municipality of Quito, Ecuador has granted recognition to the NGO REMAR in ECUADOR, with the purpose to honour the social and spiritual work that is carried out daily.

According to recent studies, Holland faces social problems, such as poverty, precariousness and social exclusion, considering the poverty rate has increased 14 percent in this population, approximately 2.5 million inhabitants live in precarious conditions.

Recently a refurbishment day (restoration, repair and remodelling) was carried out at the facilities of the Remar School in Peru.

This group of missionaries have joined Remar's work in cities such as Toledo, Zaragoza and Madrid.

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