The NGO REMAR activated its protocol S.O.S. In Colombia after the catastrophe and maintains its active presence in the region to help the victims.

Colombia is still crying for the more than 300 fatalities of an avalanche in the municipality of Mocoa, Putumayo, where residents and authorities reported a "dramatic" situation after the flooding of several rivers in the last days of March.

The emergency was generated around 23:30 local on Friday, March 31 due to the overflow of the Mocoa, Mulato and Sangoyaco rivers, which added to the natural inclination of the land in Mocoa caused a "great avalanche", explained the Army in a statement.

In the first hours of the catastrophe, the international protocols of the NGO REMAR were activated, under the name REMAR S.O.S. Mobilizing personnel and immediate relief material to places where emergency situations occur as in Europe and Greece with the refugee drama, in Haiti, Ecuador and Italy with the devastating earthquakes suffered or with the climbs Of the flow of rivers by meteorological phenomena in Argentina, Peru or Colombia.

This immediate relief program has provided coverage to over five million people with food, medication, clothing, cooking supplies and even shelter, home. After the calm in Columbia, the NGO continues on the ground distributing food for breakfast, lunch and dinner to 300 families in Putumayo the area of the slopes of the Mocoa River that have lost their homes and their few belongings. In addition they are given personal hygiene toilet kits and the rescue teams of the Colombian Army have been offered refreshments during the tasks carried out in the territory.

One of the most emotional moments for the volunteers of REMAR Colombia was the delivery of a wheelchair to a disabled person who thanked the help and affection shown by the missionaries of this Christian NGO who does not faint in the face of adversity.

Poverty and disease progress in the most depressed neighborhoods of the region and REMAR S.O.S. continues present and active in fulfillment of the first commandment which is to Love our neighbor, to help the widow and the orphan and to share with those in need.

The operation "Mocoa / Colombia" is still open as well as the donation channels that can be consulted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Among all, with many few, it is possible to change the lives of many. Collaborate! REMAR 35 YEARS... by the Force of the Gospel

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