The team of Remar SOS continues to help where help does not arrive as is the case of Huarmey a municipality of about 16,000 inhabitants, located about 300 kilometers north of Lima, where practically all have been victims of an unprecedented flood due to the overflow of the river Huarmey, that flooded almost all the houses of the city.

Thousands of homeless families and entire neighborhoods in the waters for weeks have occupied the dramatic setting of Huarmey, one of the places hardest hit by flooding in Peru, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the natural disaster that reaches more than 100,000 people.

The hardness of the catastrophe in the streets of Huarmey is a crude example of the devastation that several regions of the Peruvian coast live in the floods, which since December caused 78 deaths, 264 injured, 20 disappeared, more than 100,000 victims and about 640,000 affected.

The Remar S.O.S want to make an urgent call for collaboration, both economic and material boots, blankets, flashlights, repellents, clothes, toiletries, skin medicines, and especially water ... We look forward to your donations!

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