REMAR ONG sends a container to Greece with donations of companies and entities for the REMAR S.O.S. REFUGEES program

Recently the NGO REMAR has chartered a container with 20 tons of humanitarian aid for the refugee camps of Greece. Beverage, legumes, rice, milk powder, tents, clothes and sports equipment compose this solidarity cargo that will serve to attenuate the harsh living conditions of these human beings who try to survive waiting for a solution to their situation.

Since September 2015, through the Program of Immediate Action of Emergencies REMAR S.O.S. The NGO founded in 1982 in the city of Vitoria (Spain), the protocol was implemented that has allowed the distribution of millions of food rations to tens of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi refugees who have had to flee their countries after being victims of the war and the terror that lives in the region and that has destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes, hospitals, schools and public buildings.

The collaboration of institutions, companies and individuals through donations have made possible the miracle of the multiplication of breads and fish bringing a horizon of hope to people who have lost everything. Women, men, elderly and children that start to think that we have forgotten about them because they aren´t news anymore but they still occupy a prominent place within the missionary and solidarity work of the NGO REMAR.

We want to thank CORPORACIÓN ALIMENTARIA PEÑASANTA, S.A. that have donated 175 boxes of milk powder, to the FOUNDATION REAL MADRID for the pallet of sport bags, AGUA FONTVELLA for the donation of 7 pallets of beverages and to LEGUMBRES LUENGO for the generous donation of 7 pallets of legumes. All these donations have been joined articles of first necessity acquired by REMAR ONG that has assumed the full cost of the freight.

To all those who want to contribute their grain of sand we remind you that the channels are open to exert your solidarity through the email account This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where we will inform you of the existing necessities, that are a lot, and the forms in which you can collaborate.

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