The NGO REMAR activated the S.O.S. program in Colombia after the catastrophe and maintains its active presence in the region to help the victims.

After the heavy floods and avalanches last April, the Colombian city of Mocoa remains a disaster, where about 300 people were killed, including 43 minors and 262 wounded. The river Mocoa and its tributaries Sangoyaco and Mulatos formed streams of water, mud, stones and trees that devastated 17 neighborhoods of this city of about 45,000 inhabitants located in the south of Colombia.

During these months the international protocols of the NGO REMAR that under the denomination of REMAR S.O.S. Mobilizes personnel and immediate relief material to places where emergency situations occur as in Europe and Greece with the refugee drama, in Haiti, Ecuador and Italy with the devastating earthquakes suffered or with the flow of the rivers by the meteorological phenomena in Argentina, Peru or Colombia.
This immediate relief program has provided coverage to more than five million people with food, medication, clothing, cooking supplies and even shelter and home.

The Remar S.O.S soup kitchen in Colombia

In Colombia after the calm the NGO continues on the ground distributing food such as breakfast, lunch and dinner (many of which are donated by the army of Colombia) to 300 families of the zone of Mocoa, where Remar have a tent that is used as the soup kitchen to distribute the food.
Poverty and disease advance in the most depressed neighborhoods of the region and REMAR S.O.S. continues present and active in fulfillment of the first rule to Love the Other, to help the widow and the orphan and to share with the needy.
The operation "Mocoa / Colombia" is still open as well as the donation channels that can be consulted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Among all, with many few, it is possible to change the lives of many. Collaborate!

Donation of food by the Colombian army

Medical campaign with the local church and Jucum in Mocoa

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