The NGO REMAR in Angola has just received a container of humanitarian aid that departed from Remar NGO Portugal with a donation load of individuals and companies.

Clothing, essential items, furniture, etc. have been part of this shipment to meet the needs of hundreds of people who lack the most basic needs and who find in the support of NGO volunteers a lifesaver and a source of hope.

In the photographs that accompany this communication and that have been sent by the REMAR missionaries in the Angolan country, we can see the immense joy of the recipients of this cargo of solidarity. Today, Angola has an economy that is in depression due to a quarter of a century of almost continuous war. Despite its abundant natural resources, its per capita income is among the lowest in the world. Subsistence agriculture provides the main livelihood for 85% of the population. The REMAR NGO serves hundreds of people comprehensively every day.

The NGO REMAR thanks all the private donors and companies that have made this shipment possible.

The current of solidarity and Love of the REMAR NGO does not rest and each day new challenges are covered by the Grace of God and for the extension of his Kingdom of Mercy.

Arrival of the container to Remar NGO Angola

Shipment of container from Remar NGO Portugal

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