Given the critical and heartbreaking situation of thousands of refugees, REMAR S.O.S is making huge effort to provide humanitarian aid such as food, clothes and different care, such as laundry, day care, etc, to thousands of refugees on the island of Lesbos and in Malakasa, not forgetting from the start the manifestation of the refugees in Austria and Sarajevo, we were there, as well as the disasters that have plagued Latin America, from Haiti, Colombia, Peru and now Guatemala.They have been years of work and service, with a great cost both personal and materially, but the worst is yet to come, in this moments, Turkey is slowly opening the doors and hundreds come every day to the fields, where they have to live in increasingly worse conditions.We can be on the verge of a collapse in which its lead to violence because space is increasingly reduced.

Regarding the NGO REMAR, the need for economic resources and volunteers is growing, with the tragic perspective of knowing that there are millions of human beings who are desperately trying to find refuge in Europe, multiplying constantly from Africa and the Middle East, because the drums of new ethnic and religious conflicts sound very strongly, with their corresponding civil wars or between nations, poisoned with hatred and greed.

It is urgent to awaken the consciences of European citizens and most of the developed countries, to a massive solidarity, with contribution of food, clothing, tents, utensils and large sums of money, well audited, to cause embarrassment to the leaders who worry above all about the survival of their thrones and their political parties, so that they help with nobility and generosity, using their immense resources to do wise and honorable justice to many homeless, especially those millions of children who have no fault in these cruel races.

With these lines I appeal to the brave and kind ones, to participate as good Samaritans in this blessed revolution of true compassion, with special emphasis on helping the victims of volcanic eruptions in Guatemala, and the desperate of the civil war in Nicaragua, to whose countries we want to send containers of humanitarian aid and financial resources for fundamental aid.

We count on your contributions in money and basic products with the utmost urgency. Miguel Díez, President of Remar ONG Internacional.

Your help is vital.

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