The NGO Remar, has been in the Philippines since 1998, helping in the rehabilitation of thousands of young people with problems of addiction and marginalization.

The Republic of the Philippines is located in Southeast Asia, over the Pacific Ocean. Its capital is Manila and is located in the Pacific fire belt with a tropical climate that makes it a place prone to earthquakes and typhoons. The country is rich in natural resources and is located in one of the most bio diverse areas in the world. In spite of this, it is also a country with great deficiencies and pockets of marginalization for different reasons.

The Philippines has an estimated population of 102 million inhabitants; being the twelfth most populated country in the world, without considering the 11 million Filipinos living abroad. Several ethnic groups and cultures coexist along their islands. Listed as a newly industrialized country, the economy continues, the constant growth that began from its independence. The economic reforms implemented at the beginning of the 21st century made the services sector displace agriculture as the main economic activity, and now it contributes more than half of GDP.16. However, it still faces various infrastructure challenges: the lack of development in the tourism sector, education, health care and human development.

REMAR PHILIPPINES began its journey in 1998 and since then hundreds of young people with addiction problems, single mothers with children and orphans who have been entrusted by the government have been cared for. REMAR PHILIPPINES has also been responsible for the management and distribution of emergency aid sent, with its own resources and institutional and private donations after several typhoons that have reached several cities in the country. The volunteers of the NGO moved to the affected area to rebuild small houses of refuge, distribute food and hygiene products.

REMAR has shelters for single mothers with children, most of them abandoned and physically abused. In addition to care, girls aged 13 to 17, are referred by the government to be protected from their parents or family and others who were abandoned on the streets due to lack of resources.

Finally, a center for abused, raped or abandoned children has been opened and is already operating and is considered as an example of management in such a sensitive area.

In REMAR in the PHILIPPINES, love and surrender to others are two well-rooted pillars that represent an important help in the Social Justice of the country.

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