Since 1994 Remar in El Salvador has been working in helping and supporting children, women and the physically handicapped. We have opened up different care centers and vocational training centers, opening up a total of 51 social centers to attend a population of 720 people in an internal regime, offering care to more than 1,660 people in the other areas.

For the attention of children we have:

El Salvador Centers

Beneficiaries (Kg.)

Schools 2 550
Infancy 9 250
Families 5 65

And once again we need your help!

We have a new project, in which we need your help. On the page, we are raising money for a bus, which is more than needed, to be able to move our children to school and to other places.

This is what they have put on their page:

"Our family in Remar La Libertad in El Salvador needs YOU, our family church, to gather and to raise funds for a new bus (for them)! This is a very necessary need for the orphanage and our school, since the bus transports the staff and children to and from San Salvador (almost 65 km) for events and church. We believe with all our heart that if we unite together we can help them cover their financial needs in order to buy this bus. "

Any help counts!


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