Every week volunteers of the NGO REMAR in Neuquén Argentina go to areas with the highest poverty in the city, such as the municipal garbage dump where they distribute bags of bread to the people who live there and who look for sustenance for their families from among the garbage they leave in that place.

Also the home that Remar has in this city, receives mothers everyday with children who ask for help to receive food and to be able to take it to their families who live in extreme poverty, each week they distribute several bags of bread, we thank several bakeries that give donations in order to continue helping these people.

Remar in Neuquén is a ministry of love and compassion that provides support to needy families and homeless people who live in precarious situations, where day by day the circumstances around them are increasingly difficult and it is necessary to provide this support in food, but also bringing them a word of love and hope for their lives.

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