For the third consecutive year, the 100 Mile Mercy Race organized by Pastor Rene Betancourt, the Church House of Life wanted to bless the Children's Homes of the Foundation Remar Guatemala, which was held in Miami, Florida.

From a very early time of 5:00 a.m. the competitors met from mile 100 until arriving at mile zero in Key West, Florida, which meant 5 hours by bicycle (161 km approximately); a race of effort, love and mercy on part of many of the people who in their hearts have the desire to be part of and actively collaborate to bless the children of Guatemala. The collection was of 5,000 dollars, which will be used to sustain, and for the maintenance of the Shelters that the NGO has in the city of Guatemala.

The foundation Remar Guatemala, has worked tirelessly in this country since 1992, where currently we have the City of Children, which consists of a housing complex for a population of approximately 500 children, where all their needs are met, such as housing, health, education, protection, recreation and a family atmosphere of love, acceptance and respect.

We give thanks to so many people, filled with compassion and mercy, who offer their hands to support so that this work of love may continue to grow and to be possible.

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