Recently, REMAR Spain has loaded a container of humanitarian aid with the collaboration of 101 magicians and contributions from Association Arenas, in which articles are sent to partially supply the basic needs that are found in the refugee camps in Greece.

For three years, the NGO REMAR has been working with REMAR S.O.S. International Relief, in the Camp in Lesbos Moria and Malakasa in Athens providing tireless help to hundreds of refugees who struggle every day to survive in extreme conditions, far from what was once their normal life and now they face a very harsh reality and a difficult day every day.

This new help is sent and has become very necessary in complicated times in the Refugee Camps due to the arrival of winter, cold, wind, rain and the constant need for clothes, blankets, shoes, shelter and many things that day by day are required.

All this help comes through the volunteers of the NGO REMAR in Greece who day after day live along side so many people, men and women, mostly children, complete families and mothers with children, who live with the hope that this reality will one day be different and will go back to live and they will go back to what they had one day.

We give thanks to a great team of collaborators, volunteers and many people, who with their effort make it possible for this help to arrive and be a blessing to many.

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