Children, those people full of joy, dreams, illusions and hope, who wake up every day with a smile and face a full of excitement, enthusiasm and a desire to live, however, a population so vulnerable that needs care, attention, dedication and above all love.

According to statistical data there are approximately more than two billion children in the world, representing 36% of the world population, each year about 132 million children are born, but sadly 1 in 4 children live in a situation of extreme poverty since there birth in a family environment with difficult conditions and in countries where not only poverty is one of their worst enemies, but also war, the immigration of their parents, abuse and mistreatment have become walls that have limited their development and doesn’t allow them to grow healthy and freely as the right of every child.

The NGO Remar International, for 35 years has dedicated their work to benefit and to strengthen the most vulnerable people of society, our children working day by day in developing countries in conflicts of war, devoting its effort to offer food, maintenance, education and support of homes for children and teenagers around the world, we also give the opportunity for the little ones who enter our centre’s can receive the care and attention of what a family means, as well as covering all their basic needs and ensuring that their development in all areas are covered.

In the year 2001 the NGO Remar created a Project SANISI, Saving Children with Aids, which begun from the great need that exists in the population of children in countries like Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Haiti at that time they did not receive any kind of medical aid and they where suffering the abandonment of their parents due to their conditions physical and health, they were exposed to suffering of not only the lost there family but also they were at risk of losing their own lives.

It has been 17 years paying attention to the welfare of children with HIV, in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic the SANISI homes provide support and shelter to many children, who have been referred to by official organisations being brought from a young age who are now young people who study, who have developed skills and talents, young people who know their physical condition and health, but they are people who are completely stable and they overcome the day with complete normality, some of them being part of the work team in each of the households, taking care of the little ones, like the days they were cared for, living a normal life like any young person their age.

On the 20 of November the International Day for Children will be celebrated, we want to call to everyone who wants to join the campaign SOS Saving Life’s, in favour of the SANISI Homes, so that they can be part of the many who struggle to raise these children and the young people who need our support and attention./p>

That every day we can contribute and continue placing a smile on the faces of children, who now have another life, other opportunities, another future and part of a great family, the family of REMAR INTERNATIONAL!

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