Remar USA does a tireless job to send containers of humanitarian aid to several countries where the need is extreme, poverty and living conditions are hard and difficult on a daily basis. This is possible through the effort, work and dedication of the team of volunteers from the NGO REMAR in the city of Miami, who work every day to get and send help such as furniture, essential items, clothing, footwear, appliances and everything that is necessary to sustain the foster homes that REMAR has in these countries.

Recently REMAR USA has sent 3 containers of aid destined to: Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Belize, countries where the population of the NGO REMAR are mostly children with diverse problems and are sent to us by official agencies who work with abandonment, abuse, extreme poverty, diseases, children at high risk, Also in these countries there are shelters for men with drug addictions, women, the elderly and people who need help to live in precarious conditions

It is a great work of love, compassion and solidarity that is done from REMAR USA to these countries, as each container received is a reason for joy and a great contribution to maintain and support so many people who depend on these invaluable aids.

Remar USA working, creating bridges of love and compassion with the countries most in need.

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