Guatemala is one of the countries that suffer the most violence in Central America, according to the World Health Organization, violence is considered an epidemic there is an average of more than ten homicides per 100,000 inhabitants in a period of one year and in Guatemala this amount is found in 40 homicides with an average sum of 13 deaths per day, violence is considered one of the biggest concerns in this population.

The situation suffered by drivers public transport such as bus companies in Guatemala has triggered a series of violent events, due to the fact that the drivers must pay a fee of extortion to gangs members, to be able to circulate in their area and if this fee is not paid, sadly they are killed leaving whole families completely helpless and without the sustenance leaving them without the head of the family that provides.

Remar Guatemala has been working for four years with the Ministry of Widows and Orphans of murdered drivers, where many widows and more than 30 orphaned children benefit, from receiving donations each month of clothing, footwear, food and in addition to this, they are given the opportunity to receive training to learn a work field such as baking and pastry, with the vision that by learning it can serve them in the future to have a some source of income and sustenance.

Remar Guatemala a ministry of love and compassion, making life the words "to take care of orphans and to help widows in their afflictions" James 1:27 (NIV)

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