Like every 1 of December its the International Day of the Fight against AIDS, since 1988 which was chosen to raise awareness and to provide information on new medical advances to find ways in which it strives to eradicate it. From that date until today this disease has claimed more than 36 million lives and it still remains a lethal problem especially in the poorest countries of the world.
The most vulnerable population that struggle every day against this disease are children, who are indirect victims when their parents suffer from it, because if they are infected or not, they live the consequences of the disease in the nucleus of their family, becoming orphans or being abandoned because of their physical condition.
La mayor parte de niños afectados y que enfrentan esta terrible enfermedad y sus consecuencias son niños que viven en países pobres, viviendo en la calle en pobreza extrema, sin acceso a servicios de salud, bienestar, educación y alimentación básica para poder sobrevivir. Tal es el caso de los niños en República Dominicana y Haití que debido a su condición se convierten en niños rechazados por la sociedad, abandonados por sus propios progenitores y enfrentando una grande y triste realidad siendo tan pequeños.

Today, 13 years later, the reality that is lived in the SANISI HOMES is very different, children who have arrived with a few years of life and with very few chances of survival have managed to survive and have stabilized their health conditions but also they have integrated to an active society, as students according to the year there in, some of them have already finished their studies at primary level and they have projects to study and train in other areas professionally they also have all their basic needs covered such as clothing, footwear, food and the antiretroviral medication that each one of them needs according to their physical condition and above all they are given the chance to live a normal life, full of joy, playing, education and with a future full of hope.
This December 1st International Day of the Fight against AIDS, we celebrate the life of each one of these little ones, but at the same time great and brave fighters, have overcome the barrier of rejection, discrimination and injustice. We celebrate the opportunity we have to be able to live, serve, love, care for and value each of these children and young people who were victims of HIV one day are independent, healthy people, fully integrated into society, but especially today they are happy and full of hope.

We continue in the fight against AIDS and we make life the words of Psalm 82: 3 "Defend the weak and the orphans, do justice to the poor and the needy. Help the poor and defenceless, protect them from evil. "

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