The camp of Moria is fully filled with more than eight thousand people, when its capacity is two thousand five hundred.

Today we want to tell you the story of a family from Afghanistan who lives on the outskirts of the camp where hygiene and housing conditions are truly precarious, they suffer from lack of water, especially hot water to shower, plus the tents do not have any kind of protection against wind, cold and humidity. The situation is dramatic this family has several children; Ali the father of the family says, "I never would have imagined what I would have to live here". Their children do not have a school or day care, they do not have books or pens, and they only have a suitcase with a pair of clothes and nothing else.

This family had a normal life with a large house, cars and they enjoyed a life without major problems, until they had to flee their home, abandoning everything they had to protect their lives. Now living in Moria they do not know where to start, how to move forward, they just see a day and another and nothing changes, this man and his family do not have refugee recognition, nor do they have the status to stay in that place.

Stories that are sad and painful lived and shared every day near the refugee camps that REMAR S.O.S. have in Greece, we can not close our hearts to so much need, we need to help them, get in touch with us and be part of the collaborators who join to give a hand to those who really need it.

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