In the midst of an atmosphere of joy and celebration, the special ceremony was held to celebrate the Tenth Promotion of Initial Education of the Christian school El Olivo, which belongs to the NGO REMAR NGO in the city of Managua, Nicaragua..

30 preschool children finished the first stage of their education and they will continue their studies for next year at the Primary Level. The Christian School El Olivo in the city of Nicaragua has been working for ten years providing education and school for children at risk and vulnerability due to various social problems they are sent by official agencies to the care homes of the NGO REMAR, it also provides opportunities to children from neighbouring communities who live in extreme poverty and who don’t have financial resources to receive an adequate education.

Nicaragua currently faces a severe crisis at all levels and every day a great effort is made to provide quality education to the children who study at the Christian school El Olivo, but at the same time it is a great satisfaction to see that all work is not in vain and every year they continue to teach children and young people well for society and with a hopeful future.

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