The representatives of the NGO Remar in Madrid met up with Mr.Álvaro González López, Councilor of the District of Carabanchel, Madrid with the objective of presenting new Vocational Training such as the project Remar FP Insertion with Future, this program has been launched and in is undertaken in the community kitchen that the NGO Remar has opened in the neighbourhood of Carabanchel, Madrid, Spain.

Remar FP Insertion with a Future is oriented in the social and labor insertion of people in situation of serious exclusion, in which with training with training they will be obtain a Certificate of Professionalism in Hospitality for free, with the objective of developing skills and abilities that allows them to progress into social reintegration, opportunities of employment and improvements to there lives.

At the meeting the director of Social Action of the NGO Remar spoke to the Councillor about the new school of Hospitality that Remar has in Carabanchel, where the needs of the people who are studying in this program, considering many of them live in extremely precarious conditions, some without housing and where there is an urgent need to open a home where they can live and continue with their routines of studying, preparation, practices and work, in a decent living condition.

The Project Remar FP Insertion with a future continues to move forward, with the vision of opening an creating a new path full of opportunities for people in social exclusion, who are being trained as professionals in the hospitality industry, creating and opening up a promising future and a radical change in their life’s.


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