The NGO Remar has carried out their Thirtieth International Congress where volunteers and missionaries from five continents gather for more than 30 years, representing the 72 countries in which Remar is present around the world.

The NGO Remar in the city of Hannover, Germany has worked together with other Evangelical churches to carry out evangelism campaigns in the streets of this city, bringing words of hope to many people living on the streets who are victims of drugs, alcohol, depression and lack of resources.

In the city of Den Haag, the NGO Remar has begun to work with people who live alone, which are mainly elderly people Arts and Craft Workshop, which is directed at the neighbours.

Many women have received with great joy recognitions of their efforts, with the expectations of learning, working and developing their skills and their abilities to improve the living conditions of their families.

The Secretary of the SSAS Social Assistance System of Jalisco, Mexico has informed that according to an evaluation process coordinated by the Jalisco Social Assistance Council, the project presented by the NGO REMAR has been approved together with other organizations within the convocation of the program.

The NGO Remar in the city of Maputo, Mozambique has received a container of humanitarian aid sent from Remar in Spain to help, support and to maintain hundreds of people who are in need and who have become victims of the Cyclone Idai.

Proyecto de REMAR FP Inserción con Futuro que consiste en la inserción social y laboral de personas en situación de exclusión grave.

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