With the theme “Wisdom” the NGO Remar celebrates its thirtieth International Congress, published by the Diary Evangelical News (Diario Actualidad Evangélica) in its edition of Thursday, August 29, 2019 where it released all the details of the next Congress.

Remar Guatemala a ministry of love and compassion, making life the words "to take care of orphans and to help widows in their afflictions" James 1:27 (NIV)

In the midst of an atmosphere of joy and celebration, the special ceremony was held to celebrate the Tenth Promotion of Initial Education of the Christian school El Olivo, which belongs to the NGO REMAR NGO in the city of Managua, Nicaragua.

Remar Australia gives thanks to its partners Trinity Families and Catholic Diocese of Sale for supporting the work that is done in this country through these support groups it is possible to carry out a more complete work and make a difference on everything in the lives to the people that receive this aid.

The camp of Moria is fully filled with more than eight thousand people, when its capacity is two thousand five hundred.

Remar Italy has opened the project Cold Emergency 2018/2019 in the city of Milan, where 70 men will be welcomed with beds, blankets, hot dinners at night, breakfast the next day and a welcome service of love and care.

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