Every week volunteers of the NGO REMAR in Neuquén Argentina go to areas with the highest poverty in the city, such as the municipal garbage dump where they distribute bags of bread to the people who live there and who look for sustenance for their families

The SANISI home (Saving Children with AIDS) continues working since 2005 with HIV-positive children who, in addition to receiving health care and food, they also receive education and a normal life as any children their age.

Recently Remar Portugal has loaded and sent a container of humanitarian aid to Remar Belize, with which support is provided to sustain the work of Remar in that country.

Remar Cabo Verde comenzó su trabajo en ese país en el año 2016, la situación social de este país es la pobreza que principalmente enfrentan los niños.

The founder of the NGO Remar International Miguel Díez, together with the Pastor of Remar Angola, South Africa and the pastor of Remar Portugal, Australia and Daniel Díez Jiménez of Spain, have visited several African countries in those that Remar work in.

Remar Nicaragua recibió recientemente la visita del personal de la empresa CROWLEY MARITIME CORPORATION de NICARAGUA.

The NGO REMAR is present in Belgium with shelters for people with problems of addictions and each week they distribute 100 meals to homeless people sheltered in nightly homes.

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