Today we want to tell you the story of Mariani a 12-year-old girl who arrived in a dreadful condition with health conditions and extreme malnutrition.

In the province of Vianda, municipality of Viana, Angola, a new Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts and Alcoholics has been opened, with financing from the Bloco Oil Association (Sonangol, ExxonMobil, BP, Eni e Equinor).

Iquique is a city located in the North of Chile, its name according to the Aimara language means "place of rest or place of dreams", its a coastal city whose poverty rate is about 25 per cent of the population.

Belgium is located in the heart of Europe, located in the northwest and is a city with significant economic growth in the European Union, however in the middle of this great city live people in great need with whom the NGO REMAR is working with.

The containers of aids sent to this country are of great help and they supply a large part of the clothing, footwear, food and furniture needed in the homes and schools of the foundation Remar in the Dominican Republic.

It has been 8 years since the Haiti was devastated by an earthquake of great consequences, statistical data show that 10% of the population died in that tragedy, this natural phenomenon left the country shattered in a completely precarious situation of extreme poverty, Haiti is currently considered the poorest country in America.

The REMAR NGO began working in Chile in 1994 and 24 years later, it continues to provide help and support to people with problems of social marginalization, such as drug addiction, single mothers, abandoned grandparents, minors at high risks and common criminals.

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