The NGO Remar sends a container to the Dominican Republic of 16600 Kg.

Children can enjoy a day together alongside their families in the prison of Batan.

Like nearly almost every day our volunteers from the NGO Remar Swaziland, they go out to the streets to evangelize those who need it the most.

Last Friday, August 31, our friends from TOTTO, collaborated with 50 of our children in the NGO Remar in Madrid (Spain) where apart from giving them a wonderful afternoon full of games, they also provided us with school supplies, for each of our children.

Con motivo de la celebración de las campañas de la ONG Remar Ibiza los voluntarios han creado un vídeo en honor a estos 36 de servicio a los más necesitados

The children from one of our centers create their own recycled notebooks to help our planet a little bit, with the help of Daniela Chávez.

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