To the attention of all the volunteers, work personnel and collaborators of Remar in the Malakasa camp;

We have the incredible news of announcing that on August 18, Remar Ecuador was able to inaugurate a new home for girls

As usual, on Saturday, August 25, the Remar Rock Festival was held. This festival bring together several local groups, from which Red and Rescate stands out. The festival is open to all the public. This being the sixth edition it has achieved 5,000 spectators.

five of our volunteers set in motion the creation of the last Carpentry school, called Guba pre-school.

The engineer Herman Bern through his company he made a donation of two glass bottle grinding machines.

As of this year, 88 people have collaborated with us in our refugee camps.

Remar Neuquén mobilizes and goes to a large dump in the city where refugees are found in what is their home.

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