Remar has worked in this country since 1996, being a helping hand of support, helping out those in need

Remar India working with children, for the children are the most important part of our work!

Recientemente los niños del Comedor Social de Remar El Castillo, Bolivia recibieron la visita de algunos de los jugadores del Club Strongest de Bolivia.

According to recent studies, Holland faces social problems, such as poverty, precariousness and social exclusion, considering the poverty rate has increased 14 percent in this population, approximately 2.5 million inhabitants live in precarious conditions.

The Biblical Association of Mozambique, the Bible Association of Swaziland and Waves of Mercy International has provided the donation of Bibles, which consists of giving out Bibles and children's Bibles for young people and children who live in our homes.

This group of missionaries have joined Remar's work in cities such as Toledo, Zaragoza and Madrid.

"Many people wait for us and they leave very happy with their bag of bread" said by one of the volunteers of the NGO REMAR.

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