Our family in Remar La Libertad in El Salvador needs YOU, our family church, to gather and to raise funds for a new bus (for them)!

Recently, the Municipality of Quito, Ecuador has granted recognition to the NGO REMAR in ECUADOR, with the purpose to honour the social and spiritual work that is carried out daily.

On September 4 they went to visit the center of the country, where they could be in the rehabilitation center for men, the couples home and the church Body of Christ.

Recently a refurbishment day (restoration, repair and remodelling) was carried out at the facilities of the Remar School in Peru.

In our soup kitchen in Alto Nuevo San Pedro in the city of la paz, we feed more than 80 children between girls and boys each day which are feed freely each day.

The objective of this conference is to take into account and to reinforce the ties that relate them institutionally and create a space that can be filled with coexistence of solidarity, social and cultural interaction between Jewish and Christian businessmen.

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