The NGO Remar in Mozambique was opened in 1998, in the city of Maputo and today our Association has 11 centres for Men, women and children

The volcano of fire in Guatemala maintains up to nine explosions per hour on Monday, after the violent eruption that occurred on June 3 with a preliminary balance of 110 deaths and more than 1.7 million affected.

Thirty-six million people, of which almost four million are under the age of 6, live in China in conditions of extreme poverty and suffer from malnutrition.

The NGO Remar, has been in the Philippines since 1998, helping in the rehabilitation of thousands of young people with problems of addiction and marginalization.

Remar Cabo Verde recibe la visita del ex presidente de la asamblea nacional y de ex diputadas.

Es urgente despertar las conciencias de los ciudadanos europeos y de los países más desarrollados, a una solidaridad masiva, con aportación de alimentos, ropas, carpas, utensilios y grandes sumas de dinero,

The NGO Remar in the course of 2017/2018 has sent more than 150 containers of humanitarian aid to different countries in the third world.

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