Programmes to assist children


atención a la infancia

REMAR has opened hundreds of homes where they care for, feed, protect and educate thousands of children who are orphaned or who have been referred to us by the authorities because of mistreatment, abuse or one of various other problems. Remar covers all the needs of the children in care in these foster homes.

Programs to assist children


The children of those who are receiving treatment in our centres run an evident risk of repeating their parents' actions and this awoke in us a special sensitivity towards their specific needs.



For this reason, our organization has created several programmes, which are focused upon two fundamental aspects.  We have two programmes, one for 0-3 year old children (who are not of school age), and one for 3-14 year old children in school age. These are care programmes for orphaned children, for those who come from families in crisis situations, and for those who have serious problems of relationship with their parents.

Children are one of the sectors of the population most vulnerable to those social and economic problems that are found especially in the Third World countries where Remar is working.  Our programmes to assist children are run  from centres where the basic needs of the child are met (shelter, food, clothing, education, recreation, etc.), and where we can ensure that they grow up in a favourable environment.

To these homes come abandoned children, children of single mothers, those who are sick, orphaned, and those who need to live apart from their parents because of circumstances of extreme emergency.  Our first objective is to cover the parental needs, and so the children are cared for by married couples or monitors who can take them in to a family situation, showing them love and affection, and also the necessary guidance and discipline.  Once the child has become settled, and through means of personal follow-up, we endeavour to integrate him/her into the educational system, if of school age, and into the other programmes of the centre.

In each country where REMAR is established there are centres for children.  In Guatemala alone, 50% of all those receiving help in our programmes are children, distributed through the different homes according to age and sex. In Africa, in countries such as Burkina Faso, Angola, Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Mozambique, our homes are, as yet, insufficient for the huge number of children who live in terrible situations of poverty and need. And so, REMAR continues with the task of constructing new homes, giving priority to these projects, linking this programme with others, such as the P.A.N. programme to sponsor children, the educational programmes and the programmes for free meals centres, details of which can be found in the relevant sections.








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