Teenagers in Remar


We feel a social obligation towards those young people who, due to the circumstances in which they live, have been deprived of the care and attention they need, and so we endeavour to offer them an equal opportunity in life. Our aim is to provide them with a comprehensive training and education which can lead to self-realization and a positive development of character and personality.

Young people are a particularly vulnerable and sensitive group in any society and, although there are always some who, through their own efforts or through the help of families, find it easy to work out their own future in society, the majority find themselves confronting an unknown world which they often find difficult to understand, and which implies a huge challenge to the development of their own lives.

Rebellion against the “system” is a common phenomenon amongst young people. We believe that parents should show a special interest in promoting and organizing activities which offer healthy alternatives to what the consumer society can offer..

We acknowledge that sports and cultural clubs are doing a good work amongst young people, but in many cases they are only interested in discovering those youngsters who have outstanding talents, and they tend to ignore the rest who are more average in their abilities.

It is true that the question of how to occupy one’s leisure time is not the only challenge to young people. Perhaps the problems of social integration are even more important.

Then there are other young people, far removed from the world of consumerism, who are immersed in tremendous poverty and are completely lacking in resources. For them it is impossible to access certain types of entertainment which are usually enjoyed by those of their age. This causes many of them to look for quick, easily obtainable, money, which, in turn, leads many into crime. Starting with petty thieving, some go on to even more serious offences. Our association endeavours to get these young people off the streets, providing them with various forms of healthy entertainment, and thus removing the temptation to commit crime.

Aware of these realities, and beginning with our own young people who live in Remar, we decided to take initiatives that could alleviate the possibility of delinquency and the emergence of serious problems.

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