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 Remar NGO Remar in to prisons

REMAR has set up dining rooms in prisons in several African countries: Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast ... serving a daily meal to thousands of prisoners, since many die from malnutrition.

Remar in to prisons

As we began to work in the world of social exclusion, it became virtually impossible not to meet with people who had been in contact with prison, since marginalization tends, almost always, to lead to crime of some kind or another.  For this reason REMAR decided to implement a number of specific actions designed to helping people with prison-related problems.

   Remar NGO Remar in to prisons

These actions can be divided into two different types:  

   - Prison visits to keep in touch with the inmates.            

  - The possibility of carrying out the prison sentence in one of our centres instead of the prison itself.

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