Volunteer Program

Areas of action

The social objective of REMAR consists in working within Spanish and international society to give coherent answers to many marginalized groups, through:



  • Child Care Programmes.
  • Family Care Programmes.
  • Youth Aid Programmes.
  • Women’s Care Programmes.
  • Care Programmes for the Elderly.
  • Drug Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Programmes.
  • Care Programmes for those affected by AIDS.
  • Attention to people held in prisons.
  • The opportunity to serve prison sentences within REMAR.

   Remar NGO I am Solidary


Remar is active in 70 countries to support international cooperation projects through the following actions:

  • Shipping containers of humanitarian aid to these countries.
  • Child Sponsorship Programme.
  • Volunteers Programme, sending out social work volunteers into the field.


Remar NGO selling books

Our area of intervention is wherever relations of inequality and exclusion exist. Our setting is the world of the socially excluded. Our approach comes from the ground level, attending to the social realities, to disadvantaged communities. We go to where there is injustice and social exclusion, we live alongside those who are suffering, we identify the causes that have led them to poverty and we work towards changing all this for the better.



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