S.O.S Syria

S.O.S Syria

Voluntario de Remar ONG dando comida a refugiados

Since last September 2015, more than 40 volunteers from the NGO Remar give assistance in Serbia, Croatia and Greece to the thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing their country. Since then, more than 1.5 million food portions have been distributed, and six tents of more than 100 square meters have been installed and equipped with heating systems to accommodate families of refugees, give them hot food, clothing and psychological comfort.

La ONG Remar distribuye más de 1,5 millones de porciones de comida a los refugiados sirios desde el pasado septiembre.


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Help the refugees across Europe, children who dream of Peace


Grupo Banco Popular/TITULAR - REMAR ESPAÑA

International Banking Account Number (IBAN) ES75 0075 1244 1406 0005 8301


Today we experienced one of the most beautiful days since our arrival on the island...

More than 2000 refugees have arrived today in Lesbos, most of them sleep on the streets waiting for the ship to take them to Athens.


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