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Project conceived in order to provide 500 children at risk the opportunity to live in a care center.


The City of Children is a project conceived in order to provide 500 children at risk (street children, orphans, young offenders, drug addicts) the opportunity to live in a care center where they facilitate access to the basic food, shelter, clothing, health and education needs, as well as civic, ethical and moral training that enables them to improve their quality of life and full integration into society.

Construction of a primary school in Burkina Faso


The Project consists of the construction and equipping of a school designed to provide primary education to 450 children, aged between 6 and 13 years old, who live in extreme poverty. There is only one public school in this department of the country, and it has insufficient resources to provide education for the entire child population.

Committed to helping all our children in any necessary way


The Children's Village Project consists in the building of a housing complex for a population of approximately 500 children on a plot of land already acquired by the Foundation, located in San José Villa Nueva. Here REMAR will provide for all the needs of the children and Young people sent to them by the Juvenile Courts: housing, education, healthcare, protection, recreational activities, clothing, etc. and, above all, a family environment of love, acceptance and respect.

Creating micro-businesses to support women in Swaziland


Through this project one hopes to create in Manzini a multi-sector microbusiness with the following areas: a wheat plantation, a bakery and a design & printing workshop. The microbusiness is expected to incorporate 250 beneficiaries, women suffering from extreme poverty, with the aim of helping them to become integrated into the labour market and to improve their quality of life in general.

Our job in the field of water provision in África and Latin America


Since their foundation Remar have been reaching objectives to improve the conditions of multiple lives that includes the area of rehabilitation, even the sustainment of basic fundamental necessities such as food, clothing,shelter,schooling...

The objective of this agricultural project and specifically production of vegetables


The project aims to meet the immediate and post-emergency needs of the population of Niamey in Niger, which is suffering from extreme food shortages. Food shortages in the country is a more structural issue than one of conjecture , and although it requires a short-term response, it is also essential to strengthen the resilience of the affected population and local strategies, and take steps to ensure the availability of food at moderate prices. These conditions are essential to enable effective early recovery, and also ensure food security of beneficiaries in the short and long term.

The Construction and Equipping of a Delivery room at Remar ́s Rapha Centre for mothers and children in Kossodo, Burkina Faso.


Our desire is that the picture and the facial expressions which Keith Mallett depicts in his painting entitled “African Mother” will represent a dream that has come true;

''SANISI'' homes, Clinic Medical consultation and Dentistry, Pharmacy, counseling and department for children most affected by AIDS.


REMAR works in the Dominican Republic since 1999 for the benefit of children and the needy. Currently it serves a population of 380 people, of whom 235 are children in high-risk situations of abuse, abuse, family violence, extreme poverty, etc. All these children are provided with food, clothing, education, medical care and care in all their physical and emotional and spiritual needs.


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