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Construction of a primary school in Burkina Faso


The Project consists of the construction and equipping of a school designed to provide primary education to 450 children, aged between 6 and 13 years old, who live in extreme poverty. There is only one public school in this department of the country, and it has insufficient resources to provide education for the entire child population.

We have planned to build a school centre with 8 classrooms, so that all these children can enjoy their right to an education. This project has the merit of associating the fight against illiteracy with the fight against poverty, and of favouring gender equality. Since the school is free of charge, there is no need to consider the economic factor as a hindrance to school attendance, especially in the case of girls.

It is hoped that the new school will be a very competitive training centre, contributing towards a strengthening of the quality of education through the adoption of methods which encourage regular class attendance, thus reducing the absenteeism and drop-out rates. It is important to mention that this Project is the first step in a more global programme for the construction of a complete village in this area of Laye.



REMAR in BURKINA FASO was constituted on 28th December 1994 and is a non-profit NGDO, with a group of people dedicated full-time to humanitarian aid work: 40 volunteers, the majority of whom have, themselves, received help to come out of precarious circumstances, and who have decided they want to care for others who find themselves in a crisis situation. At present we are working in the following programmes:

• Educational Programme
• Child Care Programme
• Programme for Young People
• Child Sponsorship Programme
• Refuge and Care Home Programme for Mothers
• Programme for Detox, Rehabilitation, Treatment and Social Reinsertion of Drug Addicts
• Free Meals Programme
• Volunteers Programme

The Creation of Small Supportive Businesses The NGDO Remar has existed in Burkina Faso for 19 years now. Ever since its beginnings in this country, Remar Burkina has been a driving force for social change, through its fight against inequality and especially through its programmes of social reinsertion and the restoration of dignity and self-respect to marginalized groups (alcoholics, drug addicts, prisoners, prostitutes, etc.). Remar Burkina is fully involved in the social life of several municipalities in Ouagadougou, Bobo Dioulasso, Ouahigouya, Koudougou and Reo, with varied activities within more than 30 development projects in support of the underprivileged. The principal areas of intervention are those of education, professional training, health, care and protection for women and children, the fight against poverty in general and, more specifically, against poverty amongst women, social reinsertion and job placement for young people and women, the rehabilitation of prisoners, drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes, and the feeding of many needy people at free meals centres.


Project Rationale

Nowadays, education is the main challenge in the development of a nation. There is always considerable investment in the construction of good quality systems of education. The developed countries of Europe and North America have demonstrated, over the period of many years, that educational productivity contributes towards the progress of human beings and of individual countries.
Indeed, since the year 2000 the European Union has adopted the Lisbon plan to improve its educational system. Asia is emerging as a new educational power, and other developing countries are showing significant progress. However, Africa is not showing very strong signs of change in this respect. An examination of the world map will show a marked relationship between the quality of the educational and research systems and the degree of economic and human development.
The current project is registered as part of the process of fighting against illiteracy and of the training of an intellectual élite. The aim is to establish a community school to help address the high demand for education in this region whose demographic growth is more rapid than that of its infrastructures. Indeed, there is only one school, at present, in Laye, and it is functioning with much reduced means. The construction of the new school is also the logical continuation of Remar´s building programme for private community schools throughout the country. As to date, Remar Burkina has built 5 schools in different towns for children from poor backgrounds.
In order to initiate the development of a nation, one of the fundamental factors is the human capital: the availability of well-trained, enterprising and competitive individuals. For this reason, the project plans to establish a school with quality infrastructures possessing the following characteristics:

A peaceful environment: The school area is especially designed to provide an atmosphere of happiness and well-being for the pupils. Its location, away from the contamination of noise and rubbish, etc., is one of the determining factors in creating a suitable learning environment. In this same dynamic, the school will be a peaceful and harmonious place dedicated entirely to quality training.

The neighbouring environment: The school is very strategically located. It is easily accessible and the children do not need to rely upon any kind of transport to reach it. They can walk to the school from their homes. The plan in building the school specifically for the children of this region is precisely in order to avoid the parents having to pay any transport costs, bearing in mind their very low financial means.

Economic accessibility: Following the principles of the NGO Remar, the social welfare nature of the schools already built will be adopted for the new school also. Even before committing itself to working in Burkina Faso, Remar was well aware of the low level of income and the living conditions of the population. At no time has the Association failed to take into account this element when planning the various projects already undertaken within the country. Attendance at the school will continue to be completely free of charge and will be principally for girls since they form the great majority of Burkina’s illiterate population. Our hope is that, in this way, the parents will be encouraged to send their children to school.

Quality training: The fact that the schools are free of charge does not mean, in any way, a lowering in the standards of teaching; on the contrary, the teachers will give lessons to the children that respect the programmes and demands of the Ministry for National Education and Literacy (MENA). The teachers, fully aware of the importance of their vocation, will carry out their work with complete dedication.

Goal: To provide access to formal education for the children of poor families in Laye, through the establishment of a high-quality educational centre which is completely free of charge.

Result 1: The construction and equipping with teaching materials and modern computer labs of a school for primary education, of a large capacity, in the region of Laye.
Result 2: After the completion and equipping of the school building, an increase in the number of children in the Laye region who are receiving schooling.


Material Resources available as to date

Remar España and Remar Burkina Faso both possess the infrastructure and experience needed for the carrying out of a Project of this kind. The mother organization provides a guarantee, and the local Association has a solid functioning infrastructure in the area (headquarters offices, means of transport, communications media, and central staff) which facilitates the project´s direction and execution. As far as work experience is concerned, it is important to make mention of the care homes, the rehabilitation centres, the reception centres, the homes for married couples and children, the free meals centres, the schools, the supportive businesses, the professional training workshops, etc.
Remar Burkina Faso also contributes other resources such as an office already operative in the town, its own furniture, computer equipment, photocopying machines and a vehicle, all of which will be made available for use by the Project, to complement the additional equipment which will be purchased within the limits of the financial budget which has been drawn up to cover the various needs that arise during the setting up of the Project. Local communications equipment and volunteer staff are also available to help in the coordination, follow-up, monitoring and evaluation of the Project, as well as in support for book-keeping and administration work.
Remar Burkina Faso makes its installations available for the Project. They provide suitable areas for women’s awareness workshops, accommodation for participants from the neighbouring community, and also a nursery area for the children which will help the women to be able to take part in the awareness activities.


This consolidation in the area has generated the donation of land in LAYE, where the School is to be installed. There is also support from its own human resources, such as the central volunteer staff for the direction and coordination of the Project, as well as financial resources to cover the running costs of the centre once the building work has been completed.
Everything that has been acquired for the Project is managed and administered by the local NGO Remar Burkina Faso. It is this same organization that will carry out the Project, and so there is no need for any transfer procedures. Any funds received will be sent to a bank account belonging to the organization within the country.
The sources of funding available to REMAR-BURKINA FASO come, chiefly, from the income obtained from the products which are made and from the services which are generated in the small businesses and/or professional training workshops: the manufacture of cleaning products, the second-hand clothing shops, the sewing, vehicle mechanics and upholstery workshops… Another source of funding comes from external donations received for the NGO, the child-sponsoring programme, help in the form of food and other in-kind donations from small local businesses. The local NGO has the capacity to administer the Project itself, and has available the experienced staff needed for running social projects. Each one of the centres and workshops that are at present active has been set up thanks to local initiatives, and is supported by REMAR ESPAÑA with financial, material and staffing help.
REMAR has made available the entire infrastructure necessary for the carrying out of this Project, and also covers all the indirect costs involved: administration, communication, transport, local contracted staff, etc.
The direct costs of human resources will also be absorbed by the local Association and the applying Entity.
These include the full-time volunteer staff who work as monitors in the management of the homes, and whose living and accommodation costs whilst in the country are covered by Remar, and they also include the salaries of the staff who are on contract.






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