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ALL revenue will serve to bring hope to those who have nothing.


The NGO REMAR has several projects launched to help women and young people in situations of social exclusion. This year REMAR has initiated a workshop: "Hand-art" (Artemanos) that organized a solidarity campaign.



The goal is that once the tapestry workshops are equipped and commissioned, we can begin promoting psychosocial development and the production of the economic fabric by the beneficiaries, through supporting the process of standardization, socialization, training and improvement of their living conditions.

We hope that once equipped with everything needed to start the production of articles that will later be sold, we can launch a training schedule guaranteeing access to training for women and men.

The performance will promote a strategy of integral human development supported by equitable relations between women and men, through inclusive actions that empower traditionally excluded groups and provide them with the necessary tools for building, based on gender relations in the social, economic and political fields.


It clear that to start implementing the project we need certain inputs, in the development of the intervention and subsequent development process. Our organization REMAR SPAIN, assumes the maintenance of all required equipment and vehicles, as well as the care for all beneficiaries.

We offer gifts made by people from the NGO Remar, in this case, women from Remar's household in Madrid, women who have come out of social risk situations: extreme poverty, abuse and neglect, various addictions, prostitution, disease, violence, immigrants without resources, which in REMAR have a safe environment as well as all that is necessary for development such as training, in this case, crafts and clothing items, in order that individuals can purchase these gifts without incurring excessive cost, keeping in mind that all the revenue will serve to bring hope to those who have nothing.


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